Aspire Talent Management is a bicoastal Talent & Literary Management and Production firm co-founded by Maitely (May) Weismann and Matthew Paleologos. Former actress turned producer turned artists’ manager, Maitely strives for a homey, close-knit and transparently hands-on culture with clients and collaborators.

Aspire fosters a dynamic community of multi-hyphenate performers, writers, directors and producers who work in all areas of the entertainment industry. We maintain an intimate roster of carefully selected artists who are unparalleled in both their craft and in their character. We set our focus on grounded clients who show integrity, practice gratitude, and endeavor to serve a greater purpose in their storytelling.

We offer a nurturing, collaborative approach to talent management. The team will serve clients as their greatest advocates, supporters, gatekeepers and champions. If you were to visit our office, you’d immediately recognize that each team member contributes their own distinct specialities, creating an abundant balance of knowledge, skills and experience from which our clients benefit.

Aspire aims to build an environment for high performing clients where they can be free from distractions and details, which ultimately allows them the space they need to focus on their connection to life and art. The goal is to establish a trusting and long term partnership in which clients can safely evolve in their craft, refine their message and grow in their career.

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